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4001   DICKY DOO & THE DON'TS Click clack Did you cry 1957
4002   BILLY & LILLIE/BILLY FORD & THE THUNDERBIRDS La dee dah The monster 1957
4003   DOC STARKES & HIS NITE RIDERS Apple cider Six button Benny 1957
4004   THE CO-EDS Big chief Juke box 1957
4005   BILLY & LILLIE Creepin', crawlin', cryin' Happiness 1958
4006   DICKY DOO & THE DON'TS Nee nee na na na na nu nu Flip top box 1958
4007   LARRY ELLIS My heart understood Tennessee Valley 1958
4008   EARL WADE I dig rock and roll Let me miss you 1958
4009   MARY SWAN Love could be like this I'm searching for a bluebird 1958
4010   THE UPBEATS Just like in the movies My foolish heart 1958
4011   BILLY & LILLIE The greasy spoon Hanging on to you 1958
4012   RON HOFFMAN Sleep baby sleep One hundred thousand times 1958
4013   THE ECHOES Scratch my back The little green man 1958
4014   DICKY DOO & THE DON'TS Wild wild party Leave me alone (let me cry) 1958
4015   KEEFER SISTERS Summer souvenir Little boy, little boy 1958
4016   MARY SWAN I'll wait for you My heart belongs to only you 1958
4017   LOY CLINGMAN The man who made an angel cry Showdown 1958
4018   JOHNNY MANN Breaker of dreams Chickalou 1958
4019   FRANKIE GRIER QUARTET Oh, Gloria Lonesome for you 1958
4020   BILLY & LILLIE Lucky Ladybug I promise you 1958
4021   RICHARD ROME Bluebird of happiness Leaf in the wind 1958
4022   PATTY SATURDAY Love is a beautiful thing Ladies' choice 1958
4023   THE QUAKER CITY BOYS Teasin' Won't y' come out, Mary Ann 1958
4024   DON WAYNE Head over heels in love Playthings 1958
4025   DICKY DOO & THE DON'TS Teardrops will fall Come with us 1958
4026   THE QUAKER CITY BOYS Everywhere you go Love me tonight 1959
4027   THE KING PINS Jazz at the house on Main Street Rockin' at the house on Main Street 1959
4028   MARY SWAN Prisoner of love My girl friend Betty 1959
4029   LILLIE BRYANT Smokey grey eyes I'll never be free 1959
4030   BILLY & LILLIE Tumbled down A.H. Thomas the cat (Alloysius Horatio Thomas the cat) 1959
4031   FREDDY CANNON Tallahassee lassie You know 1959
4032   THE GAY CHARMERS What can I do Get in and shut the door 1959
4033   DICKY DOO & THE DON'TS Ballad of a train Dear heart, don't cry 1959
4034   JACKIE LEE The hucklebuck Happy vacation! 1959
4035   PATTY SATURDAY Walking in the sand As I love you 1959
4036   BILLIE & LILLIE Bells, bells, bells Honeymoonin' 1959
4037   BOBBY BAKER Baby blue eyes Hush, our secret 1959
4038   FREDDY CANNON Okefenokee Kookie hat 1959
4039   JACKIE LEE Like sunset Rancho 1959
4040   THE TEEN TONES Head strong baby My little baby 1959
4041   PATTY SATURDAY That's my story Slow motion 1959
4042   BILLY & LILLIE Terrific together Swampy 1959
4043   FREDDY CANNON Way down yonder in New Orleans Fractured 1959
4044   THE YOUNG IDEAS Touchdown Dream 1959
4045   THE QUAKER CITY BOYS Goodbye 50's, hello 60's You call everybody darlin' 1959
4046   DICKY DOO & THE DON'TS/WEST TEXAS MARCHING BAND Wabash Cannonball The drums of Richard A Doo 1960
4047   RONNIE DAWSON Ain't that a kick in the head Hazel 1960
4048   THE KEY NOTES The vision Starlight and you 1960
4049   SCOTTY McKAY Little lump of sugar Midnight cryin' time 1960
4050   FREDDY CANNON Chatanooga shoe shine boy Boston "My home town" 1960
4051   BILLY & LILLIE Free for all The ins and outs of love 1960
4052   AL & JET LORING No one like you Help yourself baby 1960
4053   FREDDY CANNON The urge Jump over 1960
4054   RONNIE DAWSON Summer's comin' Decided by the angels 1960
4055   THE TAMS Valley of love Sorry 1960
4056   RON MARSHALL Please don't say goodbye I know this place 1960
4057   FREDDY CANNON Happy shades of blue Cuernavaca choo choo 1960
4058   BILLY & LILLIE That's the way the cookie crumbles (Ah so) Over the mountain, across the sea 1960
4059   GEORGIE YOUNG By George Yogi 1960
4060   DANNY & THE JUNIORS Twistin' U.S.A. A thousand miles away 1960
4061   FREDDY CANNON Humdinger My blue heaven 1960
4062   THE CITATIONS Fiddlin' around Fire ritual 1960
4063   JOHN MADARA Teenager's dream Too many hound dogs 1960
4064   DANNY & THE JUNIORS Candy cane, sugary plum O holy night 1960
4065   LEE ANDREWS I miss you so I've got to cry 1960
4066   FREDDY CANNON The muskrat ramble Two thousand 88 1961
4067   AL ALBERTS Alone Oh my Papa 1961
4068   DANNY & THE JUNIORS Pony express Daydreamer 1961
4069   BILLY & LILLIE Ain't coming back (to you) Bananas 1961
4070   BONNIE FUSSELL Too high class Where are you 1961
4071   FREDDY CANNON Buzz buzz a diddle it Opportunity 1961
4072   DANNY & THE JUNIORS Mister Whisper Cha cha go go (Chicago cha cha) 1961
4073   THE BUDDIES Spooky spider Lebone Delada 1961
4074   THE FIRESIDERS One and all No one cares for me 1961
4075   THE SATURDAY KNIGHTS Ticonderoga Tiger Lily 1961
4076   LEE ANDREWS You gave to me A night like tonight 1961
4077   EDDIE RAMBEAU Skin divin' Toni 1961
4078   FREDDY CANNON Transistor sister Walk to the moon 1961
4079   DIANE BAILEY Golden idol Someone else's hands 1961
4080   ACE KENNEDY Buck dancin' I made a mistake 1961
4081   THE SATURDAY KNIGHTS Texas Tommy Hawaiian tears 1961
4082   DANNY & THE JUNIORS Back to the hop The Charleston fish 1961
4083   FREDDY CANNON For me and my gal Blue Plate special 1961
4084   DANNY & THE JUNIORS Just because Your hair's too long 1961
4085   FRANK SLAY ORCH. Flying circle Cincinnati 1961
4086   DIANE BAILEY True blue love There's a time 1961
4087   LEE ANDREWS P.S. I love you I cried 1961
4088   ROY BUCHANAN Mule train stomp Pretty please 1961
4089   CODY BRENNAN & THE TEMPTATIONS Am I the one Ruby baby 1961
4090   GINGER DAVIS & THE SNAPS I'm no runaround Laughin' 1961
4091   LITTLE JIMMY RIVERS & THE TOPS Puppy love Say you love me 1961
4092   DANNY & THE JUNIORS Twistin' all night long (with FREDDY CANNON) Some kind of nut 1962
4093   TONY VALENTINO Gee Big, big woman 1962
4094   not issued      
4095   not issued      
4096   FREDDY CANNON Teen Queen of the week Wild guy 1962
4097   THE SECRETS Twin exhaust Hot toddy 1962
4098   JOHNSON SISTERS I do believe in him Take my heart 1962
4099   EDDIE BO Now let's Popeye Check Mr. Popeye 1962
4100   DANNY & THE JUNIORS (Do the) Mashed potatoes Doin' the continental walk 1962
4101   FRANK SLAY Bei mir bist de schoen Irish rose 1962
4102   TEDDY & THE TWILIGHTS Goodbye to love Woman is a man's best friend 1962
4103   CODY BRENNAN Shake the hand of a fool Tragic honeymoon 1962
4104   THE TIFFANYS Atlanta The pleasure of love 1962
4105   EDDIE RAMBEAU My four leaf clover Anonymous Flowers 1962
4106   FREDDY CANNON Palisades Park June, July and August 1962
4107   CELLAR DOOR THREE Travelin' through The beggar 1962
4108   BRENDA JOHNSON Ben Casey If I give my love to you 1962
4109   TONY VALENTINO So right for Saturday night Good time Flo 1962
4110   ESAU ISAAC Every woman's just alike Poison pen 1962
4111   BARRY PETRI Pretty little angel You're the one 1962
4112   EDDIE RAMBEAU Summertime guy Last night was my last night with you 1962
4113   DANNY & THE JUNIORS We got soul Funny 1962
4114   JOHNNIE JACKSON I dig 'em all Where are you 1962
4115   TEDDY & THE TWILIGHTS You gotta be alone to cry Runnin' around town 1962
4116   MARCY JO First kiss I'm a dreamer, aren't we all 1962
4117   FREDDY CANNON What's gonna happen when summer's done? Broadway 1962
4118   GABRIEL & THE ANGELS That's life (That's tough) Don't wanna twist no more 1962
4119   not issued     1962
4120   LINCOLN CHASE Sweet torture I just couldn't say goodbye 1962
4121   MARK VALENTINO The push and kick Walking alone 1962
4122   FREDDY CANNON If you were a rock and roll record The truth, Ruth 1962
4123   not issued (see 4153)      
4124   ROCHELLE JOHNSON Gyspy ways Playing the field 1962
4125   THE (ROCKIN') REBELS Wild weekend Wild weekend cha cha 1962
4126   TEDDY & THE TWILIGHTS Bimini Bimbo I'm just your clown 1962
4127   WALTER GATES Helen, Helen Wonderful one 1962
4128   MARCY JO Night How softly a heart breaks 1962
4129   JERRY MASON Sweet enough Jones Street 1962
4130   THE TRIUMPHS Credit card Joust about 1963
4131   FAGEN BROTHERS Jail break Mr. James 1963
4132   FREDDY CANNON Come on and love me Four letter man 1963
4133   GABRIEL & THE ANGELS The peanut butter song All work and no play 1963
4134   FREDDY FAULKNER Cigarettes and matches Little driftin' Amy 1963
4135   MARK VALENTINO Do it! Hey! You're lookin' good 1963
4136   MARCY JO & EDDIE RAMBEAU "Those Golden Oldies" (Sincerely; Silhouettes etc) When you wore a tulip 1963
4137   LINK WRAY & HIS RAY MEN Jack the Ripper The black widow 1963
4138   JOY DAWN First time for tears Hang it up 1963
4139   FREDDY CANNON Patty baby Betty Jean 1963
4140   THE ROCKIN' REBELS Rockin' crickets Hully gully rock 1963
4141   JANICE & RUBYS El Bandito Mr. Happiness 1963
4142   MARK VALENTINO Jivin' at the drive-in Part time job 1963
4143   THE SAPPHIRES Where is Johnny now Your true love 1963
4144   FANNON PATRICK Eva Only time will tell 1963
4145   EDDIE RAMBEAU & MARCY JO The car hop and the hard top Lover's medley 1963
4146   SAMMY STEVENS Here comes the bride You are a lucky so and so 1963
4147   JOEY & DANNY with ALI BABA & 4 THIEVES Rats in my room, Pt1 Rats in my room, Pt2 1963
4148   MARCY JO How sweet it is The next time 1963
4149   FREDDY CANNON Everybody monkey Oh Gloria 1963
4150   THE ROCKIN' REBELS Another wild weekend Happy popcorn 1963
4151   THE SWANS He's mine You better be a good girl now 1963
4152   THE BEATLES She loves you I'll get you 1963
4153   ARTIE SULLIVAN & THE RHYTHM BRATS It's time Suzanne 1963
4154   LINK WRAY & HIS RAY MEN Week end Turnpike U.S.A. 1963
4155   FREDDY CANNON That's the way girls are Do what the hippies do 1963
4156   THE VESPERS Mr. Cupid When I walk with my angel 1963
4157   JOEY & DANNY I got rid of the rats The underwater surfers 1963
4158   AZIE MORTIMER Put yourself in my place Bring back your love 1963
4159   SAMMY STEVENS Everybody crossfire (You better) Watch your step 1963
4160   WALTER GATES I remember Papa That's my boy 1963
4161   THE ROCKIN' REBELS Monday morning Flibbity jibbit 1963
4162   THE SAPPHIRES Who do you love? Oh so soon 1963
4163   LINK WRAY & HIS RAY MEN The sweeper Run chicken run 1963
4164   THE KNIGHTS OF GEORGETOWN Christopher Robin is sayin' his prayers Scarlet ribbons 1963
4165   RONNIE DIO Mr. Misery Our year 1963
4166   THE COLLEGE BOYS The man Song of the traveler 1963
4167   THE DREAMLOVERS Amazons and coyotes Together 1963
4168   FREDDY CANNON Sweet Georgia Brown What a party 1964
4169   WALTER PEGEAS Si si si This little piggy 1964
4170   THE BUDDIES The Beatle Pulsebeat 1964
4171   LINK WRAY & HIS RAY MEN The shadow knows My Alberta 1964
4172   KELLY HART Someone else's hands There's a time 1964
4173   SHERRILL ROECKER If you can't say something nice (don't say nothin') It's all over 1964
4174   JANICE CHRISTIAN Just a bad thing Promises (with Johnny and The Charmers) 1964
4175   KATHY LYNN & THE PLAYBOYS Rock City Rockin' Red River 1964
4176   THE COBRAS La la Goodbye Molly 1964
4177   THE SAPPHIRES I've got mine, you better get yours I found out too late 1964
4178   FREDDY CANNON The ups and downs of love It's been nice 1964
4179   THE SOCIETY HILL SEVEN Home grown Sav shuffle 1964
4180   WALTER GATES My man (Mon homme) Rose of Washington Square 1964
4181   THE TOMBOYS I'd rather fight than switch Mary had a little kiss 1964
4182   THE BEATLES Sie liebt dich I'll get you 1964
4183   MICKEY LEE LANE Shaggy dog Oo-oo 1964
4184   THE SAPPHIRES Gotta be more than friends The song from Moulin Rouge 1964
4185   THE McKINLEYS Someone cares for me A million miles away 1964
4186   HERB JOHNSON Two steps ahead Tell me so 1964
4187   LINK WRAY & HIS RAY MEN Deuces wild Summer dream (Liebestraum) 1964
4188   ROGER WEBB & HIS TRIO She loves you Do you want to know a secret 1964
4189   THE CONVENTIONALS No! no! no! They gotta go back Pink and purple 1964
4190   WALTER GATES Ace in the hole Never before 1964
4191   AL ALBERTS Mister Sandman Summertime in Venice 1964
4192   THE STRANGELOVES Love love (That's all I want from you) I'm on fire 1964
4193   KATHY LYNN & THE PLAYBOYS I got a guy My special boy 1964
4194   THE McKINLEYS When he comes along Then I'll know it's love 1964
4195   THE SWEET NUTHINS I don't love him Nashville, Tennessee 1964
4196   THE TRAINS The plan We two 1964
4197   THE THREE DEGREES Gee baby (I'm sorry) Do what you're supposed to do 1965
4198   THE NEW CENTURY SINGERS Ivan Okhanovitch Big land 1965
4199   MICKEY LEE LANE (They're all in the) Senior class The zoo 1965
4200   THE ROYAL TEENS I'll love you till the end of time (Vocal) I'll love you till the end of time (Instrumental) 1965
4201   LINK WRAY & HIS RAY MEN Good rockin' tonight I'll do anything for you 1965
4202   BEVERLY JONES Heat wave Hear you talking 1965
4203   THE TRAINS Fourteen getting older The Beware song 1965
4204   THE IN CROWD Klink Let's shindig 1965
4205   THE ENCOUNTERS Don't stop A place in your heart 1965
4206   WES DAKUS Las Vegas scene Sour biscuits 1965
4207   JOHN & PAUL To be or not to be Would you tell her 1965
4208   SUGAR & SPICES Have faith in me Tomorrow 1965
4209   KATHY LYNN & THE PLAYBOYS He's gonna be my guy Little baby 1965
4210   MICKEY LEE LANE Little girl (I was wrong) (That's how you'll know) When you're in love 1965
4211   LINK WRAY Branded Hang on 1965
4212   MICKEY LEE LANE When you're in love Little girl 1965
4213   THE SHOWMEN Take it baby In Paradise 1965
4214   THE THREE DEGREES I'm gonna need you Just right for love 1965
4215   RAY VERNON Indian love call Alberta 1965
4216   JERRY JAYE Flippin' over you Pizza Marie 1965
4217   SHEILA FERGUSON Don't (leave me, lover) I weep for you 1965
4218   EDDIE CARLTON Misery It will be done 1965
4219   THE SHOWMEN You're everything Our love will grow 1965
4220   RUTH & SHERRY Nothin' much Tom cat You're gonna be my guy 1965
4221   LINK WRAY & HIS RAY MEN (Not issued) Please please me Rumble '65 1965
4222   MICKEY LEE LANE Hey sah-lo-ney Of yesterday 1965
4223   MODERN GRECIAN QUARTETTE Zorba's dance Theme from Zorba 1965
4224   THE THREE DEGREES Close your eyes Gotta draw the line 1965
4225   SHEILA FERGUSON Are you satisfied And in return 1965
4226   TONY MAMMARELLA Eve of tomorrow Love letter 1965
4227   NAOMI WILSON I'm so young Gotta find a way 1965
4228   FIVE GUYS FROM U.N.C.L.E. (vocal by RICHIE BARETT) I will love you (Vocal) I will love you (instrumental) 1965
4229   PETER KINN Under the old apple tree Walking alone 1965
4230   not issued     1965
4231   THE DOVELLS (Hey, Hey, Hey) Alright Happy 1965
4232   LINK WRAY Girl from the North Country You hurt me so 1965
4233   NEIL DARROW Somethin' you got Heart and soul 1965
4234   SHEILA FERGUSON Heartbroken memories Signs of love 1965
4235   THE THREE DEGREES Drivin' me mad Look in my eyes 1965
4236   JUST TWO GUYS I'm free Eyes 1965
4237   THE LOCOMOTIONS Make it Saturday night Weekend workout 1965
4238   JOEY & THE V.I.P.'s Joey's walk Would you believe 1965
4239   LINK WRAY The fuzz Ace of Spades 1965
4240   THE GUYS FROM U.N.C.L.E. The spy Jammin' 1966
4241   THE SHOWMEN Honey House Please try and understand 1966
4242   THE HEARTBREAKERS I told you so Baby baby 1966
4243   THE MODERN REDCAPS Never too young (to fall in love) Golden teardrops 1966
4244   LINK WRAY Batman theme Alone 1966
4245   THE THREE DEGREES Maybe Yours 1966
4246   THE AMERICAN TEENS Shake shake baby A brand new love 1966
4247   THE PANICS Beans Show her you care 1966
4248   THE ROCKIN' REBELS Wild weekend Donkey twine 1966
4249   THE HENCHMEN Baby what's wrong Rockin' robin 1966
4250   not issued     1966
4251   not issued     1966
4252   MICKEY LEE LANE The only thing to do is to say goodbye She don't want to 1966
4253   THE THREE DEGRFEES Tales are true I wanna be your baby 1966
4254   KANSAS CITY I'm gonna get you The Crow 1966
4255   THE BUENA VISTAS Hot shot T.N.T. 1966
4256   MR. MILLER Mrs. Brown you've got a lovely daughter I'm Henry VIII, I am 1966
4257   RICHARD ANTHONY & THE BLUE NOTES The Boston monkey No good 1966
4258   THE STYLES Hush little girl I do love you 1966
4259   THE EXECUTIONERS I want the rain, Part 1 I want the rain, Part 2 1966
4260   JACKIE LEE Just one of those things So close to Heaven 1966
4261   LINK WRAY Ace of Spades Hidden charms 1966
4262   AUDRY SLO Gonna find the right boy (Vocal) Gonna find the right boy (Instrumental) 1966
4263   JOHNNY ANGEL This is the night for love You've been wrong 1966
4264   THE HENCHMEN The James Brown, Part 1 The James Brown, Part 2 1966
4265   THE CENTURYS Endless search Hard times 1966
4266   THE JAY WALKERS Nuts and bolts Can't live without you 1966
4267   THE THREE DEGREES Love of my life Are you satisfied 1967
4268   THE SOURDOUGH SINGERS Syrup soppin' shindig Lonely nightingale 1967
4269   THE BUENA VISTAS Filet of soul Foxy 1967
4270   THE HYSTERICS The girl upstairs Hey, little fink 1967
4271   THE PERSIANETTES What good is it Part 1 What good is it Part 2 1967
4272   SOUTHBOUND FREEWAY Revelations Crazy shadows 1967
4273   LINK WRAY & KATHY LYNN Let the good times roll Soul train 1967
4274   EDDIE McQUABE Boo Galoo the karate dog Bongo talk 1967
4275   TONY GALLA In love Guys go for girls 1967
4276   JOEY REYNOLDS/JOEY & DANNY Santa's got a brand new bag Rats in my room 1967
4277   THE BUENA VISTAS Boss sauce Sunset 1967
4278   not issued     1967
4279   not issued     1967
4280   not issued     1967
4281   not issued     1967
4282   LINK WRAY Jack the Ripper I'll do anything for you 1967


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