The Lawn Discography

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  Artist A Title B Title


101   KEEFER SISTERS Wedding bouquet Wee Willie water dilly 1960
102   SCOTTY McKAY I've been thinkin' It's a funny thing 1960
103   LITTLE GUY & THE GIANTS So young It's you 1960
104   TOMMY FAILE The rest of my life That's all right 1960
105   PETER MASON Thank Heaven for little girls Little drummer boy 1960
106   KEY LARSON A little lovin' (goes a long way) Web of lies 1960
201   JOHNNY PARR I know a girl Don't ever say you're sorry 1963
202   BOBBY COMSTOCK Let's stomp I want to do it 1963
203   THE DIAL-TONES So young Chicago bird 1963
204   BILLY COOK Mystery girl This little world (has a moon, has stars and you) 1963
205   THE ROYAL LANCERS You're the right one Oh little girl 1963
206   FLO FAY I promise I'm the richest one of all 1963
207   THE NITE NIKS Horn shakin' Shawnee 1963
208   THE GRADUATES Ballad of a boy and girl Goodbye my love 1963
209   BOBBY VALE Miss High School, U.S.A. Two fast guns 1963
210   BOBBY COMSTOCK Susie baby Take a walk 1963
211   THE UNTOUCHABLES Limbo nova Deacon's walk 1963
212   THE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACKS The swingin' flute Little Mary 1963
213   THE MISSILES Little Mary Singing flute 1963
214   ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACKS Come on, let's go Fooba Wooba John 1963
215   THE ROYAL LANCERS Hey little one Hey everybody 1963
216   THE NU-TRENDS Together Spooksville 1963
217   BOBBY COMSTOCK Sunny Chicken back 1963
218   RONNIE DIO & THE PROPHETS Gonna make it alone Swingin' Street 1963
219   BOBBY COMSTOCK Your boy friend's back This little love of mine 1963
220   WRAY Little shoes Down in the mine 1963
221   BOB MURPHY Bring my money back to you Hey you 1963
222   BILLY BOYLE Hootin' in the kitchen Lovers Hill 1963
223   CARL FIRST & THE SHOWMEN Mind your Mama I'm still in love with you 1963
224   BOBBY COMSTOCK Run my heart I can't help myself 1963
225   THE BLUE ECHOES Blue bell bounce Tiger Talk 1964
226   JOHNNY JACK True love at first sight Forever 1964
227   BIG BUDDY LUCAS Bump te bump La ja ma doodle 1964
228   DICK & THE DEAMONDS The good guys Whoa whoa whoa 1964
229   BOBBY COMSTOCK & THE COUNTS The Beatle bounce Since you been gone 1964
230   JOHNNY JACK Forever (and a day) Love must be 1964
231   THE LADYBIRDS Handsome boy Yes, I know 1964
232   BOBBY COMSTOCK Can it be true Ain't that just like me 1964
233   JOHNNY JACK Let's have a party Mad about you 1964
234   THE SPIDERS Run boy run Baby doll 1964
235   GEOFF GODDARD Walk with me my angel Sky men 1964
236   MICKIE MOST Sea cruise It's a little bit hot 1964
237   THE REVELIERS Part III Maureen 1964
238   BOBBY MEYER & THE RIVIERAS Behold You got to tell me 1964
239   BILLY HARNER & THE EXPRESSIONS Anymore Watcha gonna do 1964
240   THE MADISONS Can you imagine it The wind and the rain 1964
241   BILL HORTON & THE DAWNS Like to see you in that mood Shadow 1964
242   GINNY DALE Just thinking of you Wishful thinking 1964
243   BUDDY CARR Your word of love Miss Broken Hearted 1964
244   BILLY HARNER Coney Island wild child Feel good 1964
245   RAY VERNON Gotta go get my baby I can't keep from crying 1964
246   BETTE RENNE & THE THRILLETTES Your kinda love You ain't so much a much 1964
247   LARRY CLINTON This would be my prayer Walkin' with Willie 1964
248   DICK & THE DEAMONDS I've got corns Falling stars 1964
249   THE KIT KATS Cold walls You're no angel 1964
250   GLENDA COLLINS Lollipop Everybody's gotta fall in love 1965
251   THE THREE BELLS He doesn't love me Softly in the night 1965
252   STING RAYS Girl what cha'gonna do Ele-pink 1965
253   THE DENOTATIONS The Lone stranger Nena 1965
254   THE MODERN RED CAPS Empty world Our love will never be the same 1965
255   BOBBY COMSTOCK I wanna do it This little love of mine 1965
256   JOHN LEACH Put that woman down Love oh love 1965
257   [NOT ISSUED] - THE PERSIANETTES See Swan 4271 What good is it Pt I What good is it Pt2 n/a

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